Art Deco Bar Items
















In the Visual Communication subject at CATC design school I had to design two items that would be in the bar environment. This assignment was linked to the menu covers I designed. I decided to do toilet doors and coasters, also in Adobe Illustrator CS6.

For my toilet door designs I wanted to transform the traditional male, female and disabled symbols into the artwork for the whole door. I saw a lot of potential to create Art Deco designs out of them by transferring them to a more geometric and decorative style. I was inspired by the patterns in artwork and architecture. The female door uses a popular triangle design used in Art Deco while the male door looks almost like a highrise building. The colour scheme is intentionally a very warm one to create a comfortable and homely atmosphere for the bar. Reds and oranges are also said to make people hungry so it is a good colour to have dominating the environment of the bar.  Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.25.16 pm



These coasters reflect the Art Deco movement. The triangular shapes on the left coaster is a take on a common design seen in Art Deco. The shape on the right is the same idea of overlapping shapes translated to rectangles. The combination of sharp lines and angles with organic curves and circles is characteristics of the Art Deco Movement. They are simple and sophisticated designs.The coasters use the same colour scheme as the toilet doors I created. They also pull on similar shapes and compositions. This makes them seem like a more cohesive whole. My menu covers also use a similar colour scheme so it will all fit together within the bar.


Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 12.25.29 pm


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