Why Rebrand your Business

Rebrand your Business for a Fresh Start

Circumstances change, we grow as people and as business owners. If you feel you’re not connecting with customers or stifled by your current positioning, you might need to rebrand your business.

Rebranding can be as drastic as changing the name of your business, or it can be just a new look, logo design, colour scheme or tone of voice. The benefits of rebranding can be a fresh look, a fresh start, and the opportunity to connect with your audience as a more authentic representation of you and your business.
If any of you have been here before you’ll notice things are looking a bit different on my website. Guess who has just rebranded?

It’s 2020! Feels like a new year for new directions and new beginnings. With the bushfire season starting us off in fire and now the rains bringing floods, it certainly feels like a good time to rebrand your business. Rebranding is a way to refresh one’s brand, and I’ve just done exactly that. This post is to re-introduce myself as my new brand K.Rose Kreative (yes, with a K; read on to find out why the stupid spelling).

This was my very first logo for the card business in high school. I was 16.

The origins of Velvet Wings Media

My original brand name Velvet Wings Media originated in high school when my entrepreneurial mind kicked in for the first time. I had always loved playing around in photoshop, so one year I created some sets of images for christmas cards. I bought blank cards, printed out the artwork and stuck them on, then went staffroom to staffroom selling cards to my teachers. Looking back I think they just bought them to reward my initiative because I certainly wouldn’t buy those designs now. But nonetheless, the name I thought of as an alternative-goth kid in high school stuck with me throughout my various freelance pursuits and into my professional career.

I would often tell people the name and receive confused looks, I thought it didn’t matter because it was a name to represent me and my work, clients didn’t have to understand it … right? Velvet is soft and plush, and wings help you fly. The word ‘media’ covers all the various content I create, and helped position me as a full-service agency. I thought it was a good name, and it started as my side hustle, so it didn’t have to make sense.

Then came the social media revolution. Suddenly small businesses and freelancers have to be posting quality on brand content regularly across all social platforms. Connecting with audiences and boosting engagement across social media in order to be seen. I froze up. I had been trying to position myself as multiple people, as a full-service agency. How could I post enough content across my channels to keep up this guise? How could I connect with my customers as a full-service agency when in reality it’s just little old me? I had no idea how to relate to my audience through this brand name.

Along came Michelle Knight

In one of my many forays into branding & marketing research, I stumbled upon a personal branding & marketing coach for solo female entrepreneurs. She is such a genuine human being across all her content, and this resonated very strongly with me. In a world of social media where ads scream at you that they have cracked the code for ‘instant success’, ‘6 tips to get you into 6 figures this month’ and ‘how to have clients begging to work with you’. Michelle Knights videos on creating your brand and story really cut through the noise, and I felt a genuine human connection even though we have never spoken. I realised I was never going to be able to connect with customers as an agency, it’s just me and that’s okay, because I have the ability and freedom to just talk to my clients and connect on a human level. Once I decided that this was the right approach for me, I felt as if a great weight had lifted from my shoulders. If you rebrand your business, you might feel the same.

Shedding my wings

So this year, I finally let go of my Velvet Wings and rebranded as K.Rose Kreative (with a K). Okay, so why the stupid spelling of Kreative? Well, since I’m not an agency anymore, I can admit I’m not perfect (yay!). So I completely messed up step 1 (i.e., check that no one else has the name you want to use). It didn’t occur to me that the K.Rose moniker might be really common. So after designing a new logo, spending a month completely rebuilding my website and buying a new domain name … I realised there’s already a K.Rose Creative with a C, doing design work, in America (cue meltdown). It felt like a bit of a d**k move to stay with two of us having the same name, even though she is .com and I’m .com.au. I’m a bit of a kooky girl, so Kreative it is.

My name is Kimberley Rose and I live in Australia on the beautiful south coast. It is possible for one person to create video content, motion graphics, branding, design, book covers and other social content, and that is what I do.  

Rebranding is a lot of work, trust me I know, I’ve just done it. If you are thinking to rebrand your business, you could need a new logo, new business cards, new images, videos and more. 

So hello, from me at K.Rose Kreative. How can I help?

3 thoughts on “Rebrand your Business for a Fresh Start”

  • Tahlia Newland

    March 5, 2020 at 12:53 pm

    Love your new look website, and the new name.

  • Hayley

    March 5, 2020 at 3:52 pm

    Love this! Yes Kimberly Rose! I need your help!

  • Beverley Waugh

    March 6, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Well done kR – sounds good – all the very best

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