Instagram Product Videos – Steampunk Hats

As an artist and creative myself, I love to work with artists, makers and creators. I love capturing someone’s work in photo and video, and making it look stunning online. Tahlia from Tahlia’s Masks wanted some high quality Instagram product videos and photos to showcase the artistry behind her hat creations. After the shoot she was left with a bank of quality content she can post over the weeks to come. Since Instagram is a very visual platform we decided to focus on that, this meant square videos less than 30 seconds long.

When you think of a product video, you might think of demonstrations, or cheesy actors using products in a staged way. I wanted to try something different, to focus on the hats themselves as a piece of art in their own right. The other consideration, of course, being that COVID-19 made filming anywhere other than my home studio impossible.

So I set myself the challenge to film videos of hats. Yep, just the hats, no models, just hats. I used dramatic lighting in front of velvet-curtain backgrounds. This gave them a theatrical feel that’s very in line with the Tahlia’s Masks branding. I set them up on a swivel stool to give the rotation movement. A macro filter on my lens allowed me to get extreme close up shots of the details on each hat. In the edit I used speed ramping to speed up and slow down clips. This gives videos the interesting and slick dynamics often seen in social media commercials, as well as keeping the video moving. I started each Instagram product video with close ups and movement shots to peak viewer interest and curiosity before revealing the full hat.

Both Tahlia and I are very pleased with the results. I am excited to be able to offer a cost effective product video option. Especially in these uncertain times when I know small business owners want to increase their sales again but don’t have a huge marketing budget. All that I need from my clients is the products. I can create gorgeous little videos like this from my home studio. If you’d like to discuss what I could film for your products please get in touch.

To view more of Tahlia’s beautiful hats and masks you can visit her Etsy Shop. Stay tuned on my Instagram for the rest of the videos.