Hi, I’m Kimberley Rose, maker of all this creative content.

I love creating beautiful images, both moving and still, and I’ve been doing this in various forms since I was a child. Beginning with drawing & circus performing, then moving on to digital art, design, photography and video.

I’ve wanted to be a filmmaker for as long as I can remember, so chose communications and media arts for my degree. When I left university and started working professionally as a camera assistant in the film & TV industry, I discovered how complex and expensive it is to create high-end, cinematic visuals. I also realised that few crew members on a film set are actually required to be creative. Most are highly skilled technicians working to achieve the directors vision. So while I still enjoy this work, I have decided to combine my creative and technical sides to create content for businesses.

I was born and bred on the beautiful South Coast of NSW. After several years living and working in Sydney, I realised I’m more of a country girl. Especially after the recent fire and flood events, I want to re-establish my roots in the local community and support local businesses.

As a business owner myself I know how daunting it can feel to produce enough high-quality content to engage customers and stand out in a crowded market. It can be overwhelming to see how many competitors you have and to successfully differentiate yourself from them.

The answer is quality, creative content that cuts through the noise.

I’m not a one-package-fits-all kind of person. I’ll take the time to make sure we come up with content that’s right for your business and your brand. I’ll help you connect with your customers by telling your story in a creative way. Through video, graphics, photography or any combination of these.

I love to connect with new people, so if you like what you see in my corner of the internet, please get in touch and lets chat.

Rose Creating Creative content on holidays

      My Koalafications:

  • BA in Communications: Media Arts & Production – UTS
  • Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design – CATC
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing – Shaw Academy