Book Design Services

I create eye-catching ebook and print book cover design at affordable prices. I can also help you define or refine your Author branding presence across your website and social media sites. Want to get the word out about your latest book release? I can help with book marketing products and sell sheets as well.

Book Publication Design Package: US$650

I take care of the whole design process for your book. From the outside in I make sure it looks beautiful and cohesive. With only one designer working on your book the workflow is streamlined and simple. Click on each heading for examples and more information

Whether you’re needing an original book cover design for a new release. Or a makeover for an existing cover, you’re in the right place.

Building on the ebook cover design I create the print-ready version of the cover with blurb and reviews on the back cover. I can work with templates for print on demand services like lighting source & create space as well as custom sizing for other printing services.

Make sure the inside of your book looks as great as the cover. A professional interior design gives you total control over the fonts, styles and layout of your book. I provide both print and reflowable ebook layouts as part of my publishing deal. Photo page layouts are also available for print interiors, contact me for an individual quote.

Book Marketing Content Package: $270

This package is designed to set you up with several different kinds of content to post across your social media accounts and website to help promote your book release. Click on each section for examples and further explanation.

Advertise your latest book release by displaying it on your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter header images. Custom made for each client, I provide a ‘coming soon’ and ‘out now’ version. This also includes a print book mock-up image. (Valued at $40)

A set of 5 or more images for you to schedule and post on social media. These cards display your book cover design. As well as quotes or reviews from your book with evocative stock images.

Unboxing videos are all hugely popular on the internet. I provide a 15-30second unboxing and flip through video for AIA published authors. In addition you get 2 or more images of your book on either a white background or styled into an appropriate setting.

Author Branding

If you are planning to write several books then an Author branding package is for you. I will work closely with you to create your personal brand as an Author. This includes creation of a logo, business card and personalised header images for your Author brand which you can implement across all web platforms.

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