Author Design Services

I create eye-catching ebook and print covers at affordable prices, plus all forms of branding and book marketing design products.

Ebook covers from USD$150

Whether you’re needing an original design for a new release or a makeover for an existing cover, you’re in the right place.

Ebook & Print Combo USD$300

Author Logo and Business Card Design

I will work closely with you to create your personal author logo, business card and branding which you can implement across all platforms.

Social Media Cards

A set of 10 or more images for you to post on social media. These cards incorporate quotes or reviews from your book with evocative stock images. Available for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Website & Social Media Headers

Advertise your latest book release by displaying it on your website, blog, Facebook and Twitter header images. Custom made for each client, I can create ‘coming soon’ and ‘out now’ versions, as well as personalised author page headers for general use.

Sell Sheets

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