Water & Wine Wardrobe

I have a deep love of fashion photography and videography. It’s very creative, and I’m always working with stunning fashions, models and locations. I regularly work with the fashion blogger Hayley at Water & Wine Wardrobe. I create videos for Facebook and Instagram as well as fashion photography for the blog. Getting to capture this stunning girl in her modelling mode is a dream. This is a selection of our work together. Check out her blog at waterandwinewardrobe.com for posts on all things fashion, styling and look books for every season.  
The first two images are links to videos. 

If you own a boutique or clothing shop, then consider booking a fashion shoot with me. I will organise the model and location and work with you on styling the clothes and look of the shoot. Your clothes and accessories will come to life on screen. With the option to have both photo and video captured on the same day you maximise value and content. I leave you with a good collection of high quality image and video content to post on social media in the weeks to come.

Get in touch to organise a fashion shoot