Ken Decroo Author Branding

Ken Decroo wanted to establish his Author branding after the publication of his second novel. We had a wonderful Skype call exploring his likes and lifestyle so I could get a real feel for who he was before I started work.
He wanted a logo to represent him as a person, his status as a published author as well as his love of travel and the outdoors. He is also an avid motorbike rider and spoke passionately about the Baja Peninsula as a place dear to his heart.

We settled on the style of a vintage badge logo design as a nod to his motorbike community. The circular shape with arrows reflects a compass style design for his love of adventure, while the ribbon evokes the Author aspect. His business card also uses an image of the Baja peninsula. Both Ken and I are very happy with these designs.

I have the privilege to work with wonderful writers on their Author branding, marketing and book cover design.  

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