What Employers are looking for – Event Videography

I provide corporate event videography & promotional services for all kinds of events. The Shoalhaven Business Chamber put on an information and networking event for local job seekers. The aim of the event was to connect jobseekers with local businesses, as well as provide advice and training in key jobseeker skills.

Prior to the event: I designed an informational flyer which was posted up on local noticeboards and in businesses. I also created a series of Social Media posts to promote the event. The posts were a variety of graphics, images, motion graphic animations and ‘story videos’. SBC shared the posts on their Facebook page and Instagram accounts.

On the day of the corporate event: I provided my videography services. I edited the highlights of the day into another video to showcase the event’s success. I had a great time capturing the panel discussion, workshops and job expo. People really seemed to get a lot out of the event, it was great to see something like this engaging the local community.

I hope to do more work with corporate bodies in the future, if you need help promoting your event or capturing video of the day please get in touch and I’d be glad to help.