Promotional Video for Business

Product Video

I am a videographer who trained as a cinematographer and I use those skills to create awesome promotional video for your business.

Your product is the core of your business and you need to show people how great it is, not just tell them. Whether that means a demonstration video showing your product in use, a sizzle reel to launch a new product or simply styling it into an Instagram-worthy setting.

Package Includes:

  • Concept & mood board creation,
  • Set or location selection & styling,
  • Cinematic lighting,
  • Option to add photography.

With the option to have both photo and video captured on the same day you can maximise value and content variety, and I can leave you with plenty of content to post on social media. 

Fashion Video

If you own a boutique or clothing shop, then this package is for you. Your clothes and accessories will come to life and inspire potential customers when worn by a model. Lets highlight how the fabric flows on that dress, how that hat looks worn on a jaunty angle, how much your jewellery sparkles in the sun. I will  provide you with the all-important top quality images and promotional video your business needs to stand out online.

Package Includes:

  • Creation of three or more looks using your clothes/accessories,
  • Concept & mood board creation,
  • Location scouting & selection,
  • Model hire,
  • All three looks in one comprehensive video,
  • A 30 second Instagram highlight of each look,
  • Option to add photography on same day.

With the option to have both photo and video captured on the same day you maximise value and content. I leave you with a good collection of high-fashion, editorial-level content to post on your social media & website.

Event Video

Events can be difficult to attract attendees without some really tantalising content to promote it. Once the event is over, you want to remind people how great it was, or show those who didn’t attend why they should join in next time. 

Let me create all the promotional video & graphic content you need to get people excited and attending, so you can focus on planning the event. Then on the day, you can focus on running it, while I capture the highlights.

Options are pre-event, on the day, or both.

Packages can include:


  • Motion-graphic videos for event promotion,
  • Q&A video with event organisers – what people will get from attending,
  • Facebook/Eventbrite page setup.

On the day:

  • 1x videographer to capture the highlights of the day
  • Edited highlight video,
  • Full video & audio capture of speeches or formalities,
  • Event photography.